Eating Our Way Through The Dallas Farmers Market

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What better place to be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon than The Farmers Market?
My boyfriend and I visited last weekend (for the first time might I add). We walked in with no expectations as a “farmers market”, come to find out, can mean anything from a flea-market-esque barn with local vendors, to the other end of the spectrum which is the Dallas Farmers Market.Of course, they do offer the “barn” which is actually named “The Shed” showcasing local produce as well as many vegan alternatives to some of our favorite things like cupcakes. You can find out more about some of the local farms here.

Opposite “The Shed” is a large building that houses all the different delicious food you’ve ever wanted to taste. I say taste because you can try a little bit of everything while you’re there as they offer small or large portions. And we did exactly that. From artisan street tacos at Taqueria La Ventana, to the best jalapeño pork tamales i’ve ever had at La Popular. Notice the strong latin theme in our tasting agenda, Texas has the best Mexican food in the country, hands down, no argument, case closed. Next, per my request, we indulged in the most lavishly flavored macaroons at Chelles .

(pictured below in order- french vanilla, red velvet, lavender, rose, pistachio and partially hiding behind the adorable slide box is strawberry cheesecake).chelles


It is important that the last decadent offering we tried gets special attention. Two guys are dishing out fresh, locally sourced sausage like you’ve never had it before. If you plan a trip to the farmers market I suggest that if nothing else, try one of their unique sausage/ topping combos. My personal favorite was the chicken fried chicken sausage- Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sausage topped with homemade smashed potatoes and brown chicken jus. it. is. out. of. this. world. BUT if chicken fried chicken isn’t your thing they also offer an umami sausage topped with smoked gouda, bacon, and truffle duxelle. As well as a greek lamb sausage topped with tzatziki. Check them out at Just Encased DFW.

Left to Right- Umami, chicken fried chicken, Greek Lamb

Here are a few other vendors we were too full to sample but deserve a mention-

Scardello Artisan Cheeses

“At Scardello, we embrace our role as “Cheese Enthusiasts” by sharing our excitement with our guests. Scardello provides high quality, artisan products and accepts a responsibility to our world, our community, our guests and each other.”


Stocks and Bondy

“At Stocks & Bondy we are stocking up your artisan bone broths, salt free stocks, vegan stocks and hearty soups at our culinary compound. You can find us at the newly remodeled “The Market” at the Dallas Farmers Market. Our goal is to replace the 3 B’s: bouillons, boxed broths and bases filled with salt and preservatives with the freshest product from local partners.”